Xactimate Construction Pricing Software

Xactimate is a construction pricing software/database that most major insurance companies use to write up claims. Chances are very great your claim was written on this software. State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, USAA, all use this software. Within the software is a price list that is updated monthly and very specific to different regions of the country. There are seven different price list for Texas alone. Manufacturers and wholesalers are surveyed as well as labor markets to give the most timely snapshot of what repairs and replacement in your area should be.

Why is Xactimate Important?

Xactimate is the language that adjusters speak in. Frequently your contractor and adjuster will need to reconcile their estimates. When both use Xactimate this process is significantly easier. When there are differences, there is little debate over price since that is determined by Xactimate. Then the only real differences come down to easily measurable quantity items. For example, there are either eight plumbing stacks on your roof or nine – seldom will there ever be subjective arguments over the price of the plumbing stacks.

When there are significant storm events like the spring of 2011, there are many adjusters brought in from other regions of the country. Without a contractor who uses Xactimate, you may have your job undervalued with out of state prices.

All-Pro Roofing & Construction Uses Xactimate

While we do not use the Xactimate program to write up every insurance estimate, we do use the very important and proprietary price list as a guide. Our estimators are very knowledgeable of this program and can help you get the scope of your roof and hail damage estimated properly. At the end of the day we use our own prices, but Xactimate is a powerful tool storm restoration contractors need to know how to use.