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Extreme Weather Can Cause Roof Damage Requiring Emergency Roofing Repair

Your home’s roof can take a brutal beating after a major storm has hit. Roofs take the brunt of season after season of high winds, heavy rains, hail storms and even tornadoes and hurricanes. We can tarp your roof to stop further damage, in which the insurance company will typically re-reimburse immediately.

These powerful weather events can wreak havoc on stand-alone residential buildings causing water to pour into homes and immediately begin causing damage to your belongings, valuables and the building structure itself, not to mention jeopardizing the health and safety of you and your family. Strong winds create an effect that uplifts and pulls off roofing materials, tiles, shingles and sometimes the roof deck itself.

This is time to call for emergency roofing repair right now. Our friendly and experienced customer service staff members will help you deal with your property damage insurance claim.

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J&M All-Pro Roofing & Construction has decades of experience providing roofing repair when homeowners need it the most—after an extreme weather event that causes permanent damage to roofs.

We are available to respond quickly to requests for emergency roof repairs to perform an assessment to help prevent further damage. Our experienced staff knows how to efficiently deal with your insurance claim, helping you avoid more stress and paperwork.

Call us to start a smooth process for getting your roof repaired. You can trust us with your emergency roof repair.

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