• Emergency Hail Damaged Roof Repair

    Hail Damaged Roof Repair

Emergency Hail Damaged Roof Repair

If you live anywhere near Houston Texas you need all the help you can get from hail.  We install a wide variety of impact resistant shingles which can help you survive a future hail event and have to replace your roof.

These shingle have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and have a class rating 1 to 4 with 4 being the best. So the best “Impact Resistant” shingles will have a label “UL 2218 Class 4”

Not only are impact resistant shingles stronger than typical asphalt composition shingles, they have the potential to get you a discount on your insurance premiums. You need to call your insurance agent as rules and restrictions will vary.

Hail damaged roofs can be a headache for homeowners and cause future leaks if the damages are ignored.

Repairing hail damage to a roof typically involves a thorough inspection, assessment of the extent of damage, and the subsequent repair or replacement of damaged roofing materials. Here are the steps that a roofer typically follows to repair hail damage:

1. Inspection:

  • The first step is a comprehensive inspection of the entire roof to identify any hail damage. Roofers look for signs such as dents, cracks, or punctures in roofing materials (shingles, tiles, etc.), as well as damage to flashing, vents, and gutters.

2. Assessment of Damage:

  • After identifying areas of damage, the roofer assesses the severity. They determine whether the damage can be repaired or if full replacement of certain sections or the entire roof is necessary.

3. Temporary Repairs (if needed):

  • If there are immediate concerns, such as a leaking roof due to hail damage, roofers may perform temporary repairs to prevent further water intrusion. This could include tarping or sealing damaged areas.

4. Insurance Claims:

  • If you have homeowner’s insurance, the roofer can assist you in filing a claim for the hail damage. Insurance adjusters will typically assess the damage and determine coverage for repairs or replacement.

5. Materials Selection:

  • If a full roof replacement is necessary, you’ll work with the roofer to select appropriate roofing materials that match your preferences, budget, and any homeowners’ association requirements.

6. Roof Replacement (if needed):

  • In cases of severe hail damage that requires roof replacement, the damaged roofing materials are removed. This involves tearing off old shingles, underlayment, and potentially damaged roof decking.

7. Repairs (if possible):

  • For less severe hail damage, the roofer may be able to repair individual damaged shingles or tiles. This could involve sealing cracks, replacing damaged shingles, or applying patching materials.

8. Underlayment and Flashing Inspection:

  • The roofing contractor inspects the underlayment and flashing to ensure they are in good condition. Damaged or deteriorated underlayment and flashing may be replaced as part of the repair process.

9. Installation of New Materials:

  • If a roof replacement is necessary, the roofer installs new roofing materials according to manufacturer guidelines and local building codes. This includes proper nailing or fastening techniques.

10. Sealing and Flashing Installation: – Proper sealing and flashing installation around roof penetrations, such as chimneys, vents, and skylights, is crucial to prevent water infiltration.

11. Final Inspection: – After the repair or replacement work is complete, a final inspection is conducted to ensure the roof meets quality standards and local building codes.

12. Cleanup: – The roofing contractor is responsible for cleaning up all debris generated during the repair or replacement process. This includes disposing of old roofing materials and nails.

13. Documentation: – Keep documentation of the repair or replacement work, including any warranties provided by the roofing contractor or the roofing material manufacturer.

It’s important to note that the specific repair process can vary based on the roofing materials used, the extent of the hail damage, and local regulations. Additionally, hiring a licensed and experienced roofing contractor is crucial to ensuring that the repair work is done correctly and that your roof is restored to its optimal condition.

Hail Damage in Houston Texas

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