Tips on handling hail damage claims


Always read reviews, get references, research before choosing a contractor. Take the time to verify certificates of insurance and licensing.


Notify your insurance company immediately to open a claim. Some companies have mobile apps and online tools to file, but you can always just call.


If your contractor agrees to the work, they work for you not for the insurance company. Make sure you understand in detail what each party will do and what steps are required by you.

Does Homeowner's Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas will cover hail and/or wind damage, but it’s best to look over your homeowner’s policy in-depth, especially if you live in a region prone to many hailstorms. Some of the common stipulations that J&M All-Pro Roofing & Construction has seen, when it comes to hail damage/wind damage related insurance claims include:

Contact your Insurance agent to answer all your Policy questions.
Visit the Texas Department of Insurance for the Homeowners Insurance Guide

First, find your insurance type in your policy.

There are 2 types of insurance policies: Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV). The majority of insurance policies are RCV, but it is important you verify your policy prior to filling your claim. 

Replacement Cost Value

Your insurance carrier provides complete coverage of the entire home.

Actual Cash Value

The amount that your insurance company has estimated as the cost of repairs TODAY, includes depreciation.

Get started with a free inspection

Contact your insurance company and let them know you are starting a claim for your roof.

Receive Paperwork

You will receive your insurance paperwork either in the mail or electronically

Contact All Pro Roofing

Upon receiving your claims paperwork and estimate, contact your All Pro Roofing representative. Have a copy of the entire claims paperwork ready for your representative.

We'll Review Your Claim

Your representative will review your claim and ensure you get everything covered

Pay Your Deductible

The homeowner is only responsible for paying the deductible; the insurance company will cover the remaining amount agreed for your roof.

Complete the Job

A date will be scheduled to replace your roof. Most jobs will be completed in one day!

Final Payment

Once everything is 100% done, the final invoice is sent over to the insurance company

What Does Wind Damage
Do To a Roof?

When wind speeds get up to

50 MPH

it can cause significant roof damage.
Signs of wind damage on a roof include:
Roof damage caused by wind can absolutely be repaired and can be covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance policy. Call your local roofing company if you suspect your home has possible damage caused by wind. They will walk you through their assessment & the insurance claim process.


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